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The Positive Will Grow

Did you guys know that there are more than 300 Million Instagram accounts around the world? Did you know that there are more than 58 Million pictures get posted everyday? that’s a huge number huh? Yes it is. This is great new for business owners that utilize Instagram as part of their social media marketing and it’s some real bad new to people that dont utilize Instagram. I am going to give you some tips that will help you enhance this part of your social media marketing:

1) Instagram stats show that the busiest two days on IG are Thursday and Sunday. So if you are posting something to market your product, probably these two days would be your best bet to capture the most likes and views.

2) On average, pictures tend to get more likes than videos. So try to post more pictures, this way you will get…

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Qualities of Leadership – Inspirational Leadership Quotes from (

Qualities of Leadership — Several quotes from some of history’s great leaders. This video attempts to define leadership. It answers the questions: “What is a leader and leadership”, “What makes a good leader”, and “What are the traits and characteristics of a good leader?”

Featuring Leadership Quotes by:

– John Quincy Adams
– Albert Schweitzer
– Andre Gide
– Donald McGannon
– Jonathan Winters
– Thomas Fuller
– John Luther
– Lao Tzu
– Anatole France
– George Patton
– Plato
– Lord Chesterfield
– Anonymous
– Charles Lauer
– St. Thomas Aquinas
– Steven Stowell
– Christopher Stowell
– Richard Williams
– Aristotle

Building Your Action Plan for Social Media Marketing

At the BRITE ’13 conference, Ric Dragon, author of “Social Marketology” and CEO of Dragon Search, presents a framework to develop a social media marketing strategy and action plan. He tackles issues such as the development of metrics, the use of micro-segments, the value of social media for crisis and reputation management, and the need for storytelling.
The BRITE conference on brands, innovation and technology is hosted by the Center on Global Brand Leadership at Columbia Business School.




The most common mistakes on Twitter and how you can avoid them.

Most businesses and brands today, who are on Twitter do not use an effective and result-oriented strategy. Tweeting is a tedious activity which is time consuming and you will have to clearly set your expectations and goals, right from the start. Also, simply sending out the occasional tweets without using a scheduling tool like (Hootsuite and Buffer) and with no clear definitive strategy in place, you cannot expect successful outcomes. Here are a few common twitter marketing mistakes and how you can really overcome them and emerge as a successful tweeter:

  1. Mistake #1: Thinking that you are not a Twitter expert. Try to establish yourself as a thought leader in your niche right from scratch. Deem yourself as a influencer who shares relevant, engaging and worthwhile information. The odd direct promotion is fine, but you must judiciously balance this with more interesting content that would attract your readers. If you appear to be too blatant with your messaging, you will not have a chance to be received well by your followers.
  2. Mistake #2: Forgetting that Twitter is a two way communication platform. You must be discerning and must also actively search for, and properly identify, follow people in your industry or market. It is extremely likely that quite a few people will follow you in return. In fact, following relevant Twitters and retweeting can be a useful method to share content and to pick up ideas for your own tweets.
  3. Mistake #3: Being unaware that tweeting far too infrequently can be a costly mistake. You will never build up a large audience, if you do not tweet regularly. Keep in mind, that you must make it a point to tweet at least four or five times a week. But remember that you should have a constant source of fresh information flowing in, with useful ideas that you are sharing. Having a wide selection of diverse tweets from different topics will motivate your followers to tweet more frequently too.
  4. Mistake #4: Not understanding the potential of sharing pictures on Twitter. Photo sharing is not that difficult. It is common knowledge that sending out an inspiring and engaging messages within 140 characters can be intimidating. Instead, what you can do is to include a photograph in your tweet and this may just work wonders and can say a lot more than mere text. Try out ShareAsImage – It’s a great tool for creating visual posts which you can tweet to get better views.
  5. Mistake #5: Believing that Long tweets and adding lots of Hashtags in your tweets will instantly make them popular. Always remember that long tweets and adding lots of hashtags are both a major put-off. Keep your tweets short so that you can get a better reach.

Happy Tweeting !!

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How did my watch help me save my Smart Phone’s Battery and increase my productivity too?

The smart phone has killed a lot of things. The digital camera, the music player, the PDA, the simple torch are all casualties inflicted by the gobbling smart-phones. The most important thing however that it has killed is time. No ‘five seconds between things’ are free anymore. They get butchered by the scores of notifications that await your attention, all the time. Things were the same for me, until one day I decided to wear my ordinary analog watch again.

Watches were one of the initial casualties of mobile phones as, even the basic phones offered time and folks did not have enough time to look at their watches. So watches were kind of dying. I preserved mine, hoping to gift it as an antique, to my grand children, when I have them. And then one day I chanced upon them and put it on.

That evening I returned home with still 30% charge on my smart phone and a smiling me, after visibly accomplishing more stuff. It was as surprising as it could get, specially the 30% charge bit. And it happened the next day too.

How and why was it happening? From the time I started wearing the watch, the old habit took over and I would flip my hand to see the time and I would avoid  the instinctive pick-up of my smart phone. This saved the screen on/off. What the watch also did was, because I did not pick up the phone for the time, I did not see the scores of whatsapp and fb and skype messages and therefore I did not have the urge to respond. This in-turn avoided the distraction and the time to respond, not to mention saving precious battery time. My work was done better, in a single stretch and my smart-phone did not need a charge.

So – wear a watch, save battery and stay healthy.

sales pitch

How to make your sales pitch to different types of companies?

In today’s world of tug of war for attention grabbing, It is a no brainer that best and the least convoluted pitch would win. And a sharp pitch pitch requires the right words. It is very easy to pitch a wholesome solution that solves all problems under the sun..but a true attention grabbing pitch would focus on specifics, close to the prospects heart and for all you know the prospect is thinking about it, at that very moment. How do we get there. Here is a simple and easy reckoner of pitch lines.

Type of company : Small, Startup, less than or around 2 years of business – Sales pitch : around growth. How can your product solution help the company grow faster. Don’t even bother to talk about efficiency and savings, while everyone wants those – go for the jugular, go for the top of the mind thing.

Type of company : Status quo, 5 – 15 years in business, mid-sized – very stable (too stable for comfort), stagnant – Sales pitch : around efficiency, Total cost of ownership..this will help the aging leadership to focus on something and help them optimize their costs against a  flat or declining budgets.

Type of company : in existence for a good number of years, Declining Market Share, declining revenues, increasing competition – Sales pitch : around cost savings, investments in the right places,quick ROI, focus on Brand if you are representing a reputed Brand.

Understand the key pain point of your prospect and apply the balm right there.  

Happy selling!!


Cloud – Subversive, Invasive and Pervasive!!!

Its raining and literally clouds are everywhere and at work too.  Almost as Internet took shape and the web took over, the Cloud is no different. Literary thoughts apart The Cloud is taking over – It is Subversive, Invasive and soon will be Pervasive.

Cloud is changing the way enterprises strategize their IT infrastructure. Sooner than later an enterprise’s cloud infrastructure will define its global reach and presence, it will define the way they service their customers, how customers interact with them.

Be it a Retail organization, maintaining its global inventories and billing systems in the cloud or a Cable Company providing time-shifting and place-shifting services for its content through Cloud, Without Cloud, the sun won’t shine on businesses.

Where it draws a parallel to the advent of Internet is, it is leveling out the playing field between smaller organizations and Industry Mammoths. The Smaller companies now have access to high end, highly available, efficient and specific Servers and Applications, without the huge Capex that they earlier would have to shell out for the same infrastructure.

Cloud is lending another meaning to the word ‘mobility’ . With connectivity becoming faster and cheaper by the day (just read about Google launching its Superfast Broadband service), it would not be far when organizations run out of ‘pocket servers’ and all of us carry our own DRM protected content on our own ‘youtubes’.  Compatibility and ‘Unknown file Format’ would be a thing of the past as you use the Cloud applications, without licensing them out on your own Personal Systems!!! Possibly our personal devices would carry only the Skins, while the applications run on the cloud and even more possibly we will not need to have personal devices because all devices would serve our personal content with the same fervor.

Storage is another area which is getting delimited by the Cloud. Imagine a virtual home in the cloud, where you store your own grocery store and it stores stuff from multiple of your retailers, each providing the item that you want, so you don’t have to search every time you want to buy , a video rack where all your fav movies and Soaps (minus commercials) are available, a library with all your favorite books (in the ebook form). They are all yours, at your tips, only that you never pay for all of them , only the ones that you use, won’t that be amazing. Welcome says the Cloud.

With so much content and applications on the cloud, Security is an aspect which will gain the maximum attention.  The worry and the threat of exposure without a properly thought out Security Strategy  is almost like baiting out all hackers to your cloud. On the other hand with all applications going to the cloud there would be only one place to secure and a uniform strategy and secure policies, organizations can feel more secure than ever.

Clouds are shaping up and for a change they are not dark. A lot is promised, and in small puffs they are all coming together!!

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